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Apricots in Winter Coats

Somewhere between a peach and a prayer,
they taste of well water
and butterscotch and dried apples
and desert simooms and lust.

― Diane Ackerman, The Consolation of Apricots

My cat Rumptious tells me I should pay him more attention. He pokes me in the ankle as I roll balls of apricots and almonds between my palms and dip them in vanilla bean speckled white chocolate - apricots in white coats, coats for winter. Cats don’t appreciate apricots, or almonds, or white chocolate for that matter, or understand the merits coating one in the other.

What could be more thrilling
than ripe apricots out of season,
a gush of taboo sweetness
to offset the savage wistfulness of early spring?

― Diane Ackerman, The Consolation of Apricots

Rumptious knows other joys, cat pleasures that I can’t truly know - the thrill of stalking shadows in the night, of creeping between streetlights, the dark lust of the hunt. Still I feel a pang of regret for Rumptious, with his cat’s tongue, blind to the subtle sweet joy of apricots… Because if there’s a time for a taste of blushing summer sun, it’s in these darkening Irish days at the close of autumn, when daylight disappears to a few short damp and dreary hours. If apricots in spring are sweet, then the apricots in November, as winter digs its heals in, are sweeter still.

Apricot and Almond Truffles

Preparation time: 5 - 15 minutes + refrigeration time Yield: 8 - 10 pieces

These truffles are delicious plain or coated in white chocolate. For vegans, omit the coating, or use a vegan white chocolate. To save on waste and make the process of coating the truffles as easy as possible, use a small deep container to melt the chocolate. These truffles are best stored in the refrigerator, and are at their best when served a little cold.

As an excellent counterpoint to these sweet fruity treats, consider preparing their [dark fudgy brethren](/recipes/sarah-dreams-of-truffles/).


  • 80 g dried apricots
  • 2 tbsp ground almonds
  • 2 tbsp flaked almonds
  • 2 tbsp rolled oats
  • 1 tsp almond essence
  • Pinch of salt
White Chocolate Coating (Optional)
  • Good quality white chocolate (~50 g per 5 truffles)
  • A few flaked almonds and/or couple of dried apricots, chopped in small pieces (garnish)


  1. Blend apricots, both types of almonds, oats, almond essense and salt in a food processor until they form a ball with the consistency of a thick dough.
  2. Roll the mixture into small balls and refrigerate them until firm.
To Coat in White Chocolate
  1. In a small double boiler, melt white chocolate.
  2. Using a toothpick or skewer, roll each ball in the chocolate until it is thoroughly coated. Use a spoon to coat any hard to reach areas.
  3. Place each truffle on a parchment paper covered plate or sheet pan, and garnish with a flaked almond or dried apricot piece.
  4. Refrigerate until the chocolate has hardened.
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